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We Bring Roofing to Mind

You are our #1 priority. Every roofing company claims to be the best, but what sets Evoke Roofing apart from other roofing companies is people. We put people first—and that means our customers will always come first. With every job, we ensure that our customers receive the highest quality roofing materials, that our workmanship is second to none, and that we demonstrate the utmost integrity. We will walk you through the insurance claims process to ease your mind every step of the way. Our commitment to you is: If it’s not right, we will make it right.


Geospatial Aerial Imaging


Repair, Replace, Upgrade, Upkeep


We are a full-service roofing and construction company. We roof both commercial and residential properties. Our primary focus is on the repair, replacement, upgrade or upkeep of your roof. Whether it’s an asphalt shingle, shake, slate, tile, or a metal roof, we can do it.


General Contracting


Again, we are a full-service contractor and can build, re-build or remodel your property. Since our primary focus is roofing, our contracting services generally are add-on upgrades such as exterior paint, gutters, windows and window screens, dormers, building sheds and carports, exterior doors, pergolas, patios, or whatever the customer wants to make their home beautiful.


At Evoke, we use cutting-edge geospatial aerial imaging and analytics to get ultra-detailed contextual roof information. Using autonomous drones and damage detection software with these virtual inspections can help resolve claims with greater efficiency and accuracy. This precise aerial imaging helps us to reduce costs, as well as minimize labor safety risks.

Hail Detection Software

We have state-of-the-art hail detection software that can tell us precise locations of hail, including the address, size of hail and wind speeds. This precise hail and wind detection helps with the insurance claims process, and can tell us before we even step foot on your property if you may need a new roof of not. 

Evoke Roofing & General Contracting is a family-owned and operated commercial & residential roofing company out of the DFW Metroplex. We serve all 254 counties in the state of Texas. Our main office is in Cleburne, and our primary DFW territory extends from Jack County in the northwest to Comanche County in the southwest, to Lamar County in the northeast, and to Henderson County in the southeast. However, we work on projects throughout the state of Texas including College Station, Lubbock, El Paso, and anywhere you need a roof in Texas. Brothers Owen and Mike Larson started Evoke Roofing in 2019 with the idea that “doing the right thing” would drive their business to the top of the industry.


Our roofing roots run deep with decades of expertise in construction management and roofing. Our executive and sales team has a wide array of professional background to help you in any way possible. In addition to roofing, we have professional experience in real estate, insurance, marketing, advertising, education, hospitality, healthcare management, property management, wildlife science and more. These diverse backgrounds come together to offer the utmost expertise to any situation you may have with your home and roof.

Don't Be Fooled

Every roofing company offers free inspections and estimates—including us. We offer complimentary inspections and estimates. Just because a company claims to be the #1 roofer doesn’t mean they are the best in the metroplex. At Evoke, we pride ourselves in exceeding industry standards. It is important to us that the people who represent Evoke Roofing—from our executive team, to sales, to quality assurance, to our crews—are trustworthy and hold themselves to the highest degree of integrity. We expect our customers to feel confident that their home is in good hands when it’s in Evoke’s hands. 

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Evoke Roofing BBB Business Review