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It’s Roofing Day—What to Expect

At Evoke, we strive to provide the highest quality products along with the best customer service. Being human, inevitably we forget to share something that is important. To that end, here’s a list of things customers need to know prior to the day we start their project.

Firstly, here is a general list of the order of how we generally install, repair and replace items on and in your home. It is not all-encompassing and can be altered based on a variety of reasons.

  1. Plumbing

  2. Removal of gutters

  3. Repair/replace garage doors

  4. Repair/replace exterior soffit/fascia/wood siding and trim

  5. Paint exterior

  6. Remove old roof

  7. Put new roof on. If you have more than one structure to roof, it may be a multiple-day process.

  8. Install roofing elements such as chimney, pipe jacks, vents, etc.

  9. Gutter replacement

  10. Interior sheetrock repair, tape, bed, texture, paint.

  11. Insulation

  12. Flooring replacement

  13. Door/window/screen/glazing bead repair/replacement

Secondly, here is a list of things you will need to know for roofing day:

  1. We must have access to electricity. If your home does not have electricity, we will need a generator, which will be an additional cost. Please discuss this with your sales rep prior to the roofing day, so accommodations can be made.

  2. We are loud. Please know we care about your animals, so your dogs, cats, etc. may not like us and would be best if you took them to a friend’s house for the day.

  3. Please let your neighbors know you will be getting a new roof. The sign in the yard is an indication, but its best to let them know so they can be prepared for the noise and the mess. Your sales rep will try to visit them so they know that we will clean our mess if their yard gets dirty.

  4. Protect your plants. Any concerns you may have about your plants need to be addressed with the project manager prior to beginning the job. Sometimes, damage to plants/trees is unavoidable.

  5. Houses vibrate. This means that things can potentially fall off the walls. Prior to your roofing date, please remove anything from the walls that could potentially break if it fell. Refer to line #17 on your contract.

  6. If you have anything close to your home such as pottery, gnomes, flags, chairs, tables, etc. that are near and dear to your heart, please move it away from the house. Shingles are heavy, and when we remove them, we can’t always ensure they fall into the dump trailer. Sometimes they land where they want to land.

  7. Sometimes we need to deliver dump trailers the night before we roof, so your driveway will need to be cleared of cars, trucks, motorcycles, etc. the night before roofing day. Also think about the cars in the garage if you will need that vehicle the day of roofing. If you don’t have a driveway, we will need room on a hard surface for a heavy trailer. Yards will have wheel ruts after we move the trailer if you do not have a hard surface near the house.

  8. We will need your gate code. to your neighborhood so we can get in if you live in a gated community or if you have a gate to your property. We will also need access to your backyard, so you will also need to remove or unlock your backyard gate locks.

  9. We start early. Sometimes as early as 6.30 a.m. Most of the time, our materials are delivered the day we start, mitigating any potential theft overnight. However, due to scheduling logistics, it’s possible we could deliver the night before. Our crews start early, but sometimes our crews have to finish up projects from the previous day. This means they could be a little late getting to your home. If this happens, your project manager will inform you of any changes in the schedule.

  10. When rain is in the forecast, we can sometimes go ahead and complete your roof. We just do it a section at a time to keep it dry.

  11. Satellite systems that are attached to the roof will need to be removed to reroof your home. Unfortunately, during this time, there will ne no internet connection or cable if those utilize the antennas on your roof.

  12. Sometimes seeing the roof isn’t enough to know what’s under the top layer. We have to remove the roof to find out the condition of what’s underneath it. Sometimes, we have to remove all the decking and re-deck the roof. This could potentially cost more money. These are unfortunate situations we try to avoid at all costs.

  13. At the end of the project, we run magnets to remove nails/screws, but be aware as you walk your property the next few months. Every now and then, we do miss a nail.

  14. At the end of this process, you will receive a text message with a link to the Better Business Bureau to leave us a review. Your sales rep will also be in touch with you to check on your roof, your satisfaction and to take pictures of your beautiful new roof.

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